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A new version of OnlyOffice Desktop Editors, an open source office suite for Windows, macOS and Linux, is now available to download.

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.5 picks up features introduced in the software’s cloud-based sibling, OnlyOffice Online Editors, released earlier this year.

The highlight of this release for Windows and Linux users — sorry, macOS; not you yet — is multi-window support.

Yes, this collection of Microsoft-Office-a-like apps is no longer solely tabbed-based. If you want to tear out a document tab to view it as a separate window, you can. And if you want to reverse the change and manage documents in a tabbed interface, you can.

OnlyOffice 5.5 tab tearing
Tear out document tabs to view in separate windows

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.5 also features a bunch of not-quite-so-cool sounding tweaks, like the ability to set mirror/gutter margins, add captions to images, tables, etc in the document editor; add shapes and placeholder images in the presentation tool; and use custom sorting options in the spreadsheet application.

List options (e.g., bullet, ordered) are expanded across all three apps. You can now control bullet size and colour, set different bullet shapes/characters, and organise multi-level lists.

Like the sound of all that?

Download OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.5

You can download the latest version of OnlyOffice in a number of different formats for a variety of different systems, direct from the application’s main website:

OnlyOffice Downloads Page

For Linux, you can download a traditional .rpm and .deb packages for Fedora and Ubuntu-based distros, or a standalone .appimage runtime.

If you’re a big fan of Flatpak apps then you will be able to snag this release (along with future updates) from Flathub in the coming days:

OnlyOffice on Flathub

For instant gratification the latest version of suite is available on the Snap store:

OnlyOffice on the Snap Store

Finally, if you want to take a look at the source code (and perhaps contribute to it) you’ll find everything you need over on Github.

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