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Vodafone webbook

The Ubuntu Powered ‘Vodafone Webbook’ Launched

South African Ubuntu users will shortly be able to get their hands on a new Ubuntu-powered device: The Vodafone Webbook. The Vodafone webbook, announced today by South African telecommunications company Vodacom (part owned by Vodafone), […]

18 October 2011

Ubuntu eCafe Netbook Runs on ARM, Has 13 Hours of Battery Life

So the long heralded 'flood' of ARM netbooks on to the shelves barely even materialised as a drop, with a drop in demand for netbooks and massive growth spurt in touch-screen Tablet devices seemingly diverting attention elsewhere. PC company Hercules are pinning their hopes on a 'better late than never' approach with the launch of a new ARM powered netbook series dubbed the 'eCafé'.

21 July 2011
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Seeking out a new laptop or notebook but dreading the all-too-frequent compatibility issue with function keys, blue tooth, wifi, webcam etc? Don't.

2 September 2010

System76 Second Gen Starling Netbooks look gorgeous, Available to pre-order now

If you’re looking for Ubuntu powered netbook that is as beautiful outside as it is inside then prepare to coo over the latest ‘Starling’ netbooks to hatch from the nest of Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76… […]

20 July 2010
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gma booster promises 2.4x the power for netbook graphics chips

It will come as no revelation that the number one reason netbooks’ suck is due to their meek integrated innards – such as the prevalent use of Intel’s integrated graphics chips. Sure, they need to […]

10 June 2010
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Laggy Mouse Fix For Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Eee PC 701/900

Ubuntu launched the first official version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) just last week , providing a great interface for all your netbook needs. Annoyingly for many users, the debut of Jaunty Netbook Remix has […]

28 April 2009
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Jaunty Netbook Remix

The oncoming release of Jaunty will also see the first release of an official netbook version of Ubuntu – namely the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Whilst the interface has been floating about for a while and is easily […]

24 March 2009
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What Is The Best Netbook Operating System

Netbook’s are funny little machines. Powerful enough to be awesome mobile devices but underpowered and not suited to support most ‘Operating Systems’ fully. Windows Vista is an excellent example of an OS coupled with Netbook’s […]

14 December 2008