It will come as no revelation that the number one reason netbooks’ suck is due to their meek integrated innards – such as the prevalent use of Intel’s integrated graphics chips. Sure, they need to be underpowered to give good battery performance etc but what about the times when you need to squeeze just that little bit more juice from your Intel fruit? That’s where GMA booster comes in.

GMA Booster promises up to “an astonishing 2.4x of extra processing power for Your computer’s integrated graphics engine”. A heady claim… does it live up to it?image


The best way to find out whether you can get 2.4x the current power of your integrated chip with GMA Booster is to install it and find out! GMA Booster is a standalone application that runs ‘without risking your hardware or anything else’ so nothing ventured…

GMA Booster requires an up-to-date kernel (which you probably already have) and the Intel® 2008Q4 graphics package (available here). It only works with the chip models listed in the picture above.


Once downloaded proceed to run the application via the terminal as root, following the instructions printed on screen.

Thanks to Fox Master

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