Nautilus-Elementary – the simplified and gorgeous file-browser that is fast turning heads everywhere – will soon be adding a new feature that users the world over have been asking GNOME developers to include by default since 2001: A toolbar editor for Nautilus.

As ever, the Nautilus-Elementary team seizing the initiative have, in less than 2 days, fulfilled a long-time need for a large swath of every-day users who’ve been itching to trim cruft from the excessively icon-ized stock Nautilus window.

The screenshot below is of Nautilus-Elementary’s new toolbar editor but as the editor is still being tested, tweaked and awesome-ized it won’t land in the Nautilus-Elementary PPA for a little while yet.

If the toolbar editor looks familiar it’s because it’s adapted from Enrico Tröger’s awesome work on Midori’s toolbar editor.

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