Nautilus-Elementary developer ammonkey  has kindly provided OMG! Ubuntu! with a screen cast demonstrating Zeitgeist integration with the popular well designed file manager the pairing of which see’s, potentially, the first semantic file browser
for GNOME.

For those that don’t know much about Zeitgeist it, in essence, and to paraphrase the Zeitgeist framework launchpad blurb, ‘logs users activity, events and files and establishes relationships between these items based on usage.’ It then allows for other applications to use this data in meaningful ways – Such as with the GNOME Activity Journal.

With Nautilus-Elementary this data comes into even great relevance as looking for that mis-placed picture or document becomes much easier to locate – just watch the following screen-cast full-screen – so you can actually see what’s going on – and you’ll soon be wanting this on your desktop pretty sharp! 

Download .ogv version:

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