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Three Top Ubuntu Apps Get Weekend Updates

Audio player Musique; flash-free desktop YouTube viewer Minitube; and its sibling, the YouTube music jukebox 'MusicTube', were all levelled up with new features and new looks.

4 February 2013
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Desktop YouTube App ‘Minitube’ Adds Search Filtering, YouTube Fix

The flash-free desktop YouTube app MiniTube has been updated - and in the nick of time, too. Recent changes to YouTube has 'broken' video playback in all releases prior to this one, including the most recent version released in June of this year. But aside from 'fixing' itself to work with an update dYouTube there are also other changes to be taken advantage of...

28 September 2012
MusicTube Quicklist

Scrobbling, Unity Quicklist Added to Desktop YouTube Music App ‘Musictube’

MuiscTube - the desktop music player that uses YouTube as a Music library - has received a handful of minor new features in its latest update.

11 June 2012
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Bug Fixes Land for Desktop YouTube Music App ‘MusicTube’

A bunch of bug fixes have been added to the latest release of YouTube Music Player MusicTube. The innovative application lets use YouTube’s vast inventory of videos as your own personal on-demand music library. You […]

12 March 2012
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Desktop YouTube Music Player Gets Updated

Innovative YouTube music player 'Musictube' has a new release out - but is it a hit?

17 January 2012
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MusicTube Desktop App Uses YouTube As A Music Library

The creator of flash-free desktop YouTube application 'Minutube' and stylish music player 'MiniTunes' has announced the release of a new application: MusicTube. Musictube is a mish-mash of the developers former two applications, and is designed to let you find, arrange and listen to whatever music you like - as long as it's on YouTube. The idea is similar to on-demand music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora: you search for an artist or a track and, if it's there, you can play it.

4 October 2011