A bunch of bug fixes have been added to the latest release of YouTube Music Player MusicTube.

The innovative application lets use YouTube’s vast inventory of videos as your own personal on-demand music library. You can browse by artist, album or track, as well as specify whether to search for studio, live or cover versions of songs.

Amongst the bugs fixed in the latest release are: –

  • Fixed long artist names and album titles displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed “Info View” showing while interacting with other views
  • Discard videos with an incompatible duration: e.g. videos containing full albums.
  • Fixed crash adding a single track to the playlist multiple times
  • Fixed searchbox selecting text while typing and losing focus on ESC key
  • New and updated translations


A limited demo of version 1.1.1 can be downloaded from the Musictube homepage @ flavio.tordini.org/musictube.

The full version can be purchased through the Ubuntu Software Centre for the rather princely sum of $11.99. Previous purchasers through the Software Center will find this update available to install in the next few days.

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