Innovative YouTube music player ‘Musictube‘ has received a small update.

Musictube is best thought of as a pseudo-cloud music player; it lets you find, arrange and listen to whatever music you like – as long as it’s on YouTube. It groups tracks by artist and album for logical browsing, and provides a set of handy filters for switching between live, studio, cover or remix versions of a track.

For a full run-down of Musictube you can read this overview.

Small Update

The application’s developer, Flavio Tordini, sums up the recent changes to the application: –

“This Musictube version handles lesser known artists much better and skips YouTube videos that don’t really match the tracks in the playlist. The playlist is now restored across sessions and a stop after this track command is now available.”


Musictube is not a free application. The full version costs $9.00, and is available to purchase through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

If you like to try before you buy then take the demo version (with limited features and nag screens) for a spin, available @

Musictube: free demo limited


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