A few days back I received a question from reader Nikos – who broadcasts a radio show @ http://www.poplie.eu/. It read: –

I would like to run ubuntu for my station. For the time being  i am using SAM broadcaster on winxp but since my laptop runs ubuntu, is there a similar programme so as to stream music on line? i don’t want to run wine or virtual box, i would prefer some software designed for ubuntu.

thanks in advance,  Nikos

Well Nikos, you’re in luck! Say hello to Internet DJ Console – a desktop-based application for making, mixing and broadcasting live radio via Shoutcast or IceCast.Screenshot of Internet DJ Console: main windowIDJC comes with most features you’re ever likely to need. This is coupled with an incredibly straightforward and intuitive interface.

Main features: –

  • two media players complete with crossfader
  • Auto-level meters
  • Drag and drop files or folders to add to playlists
  • Excellent microphone features and handling including signal processing & more
  • Support for Jingles and interludes (including keybindings)
  • IRC track announcements via X-Chat
  • MP3 or Ogg streaming
  • Easy streaming and listing on the Shoutcast service
  • Automate broadcasts using playlists and cue
  • Automatic stream shut-off timer
  • VoIP integration (including taking calls from and broadcasting to Skype)
  • Presets for streaming
  • Extensive preferences
  • Support for multiple inputs


imageSo far so good, right? Well…

*IDJC is almost too good to be true because it has a well-earned reputation for being a darn headache to get up and running. Make friends with the screenshot on the right because you will likely see it a lot during initial attempts to get IDJC up and running…

Thankfully you can follow the steps in this Forum post to get Jack all fine and dandy and then proceed to hit the button below to install IDJC itselfimage

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