Everyone loves music players and we’ve certainly had a lot of feature of late – The google looking MiniTunes, ‘ghost of Amarok 1.4′ Clementine & the stylish Banshee-Meego. Pragha is ‘yet another music player’ that’s been kicking around for a while now and, I thought, time for a bit of a mention here on el OMG!…

Pragha music player was designed from the ground up to be both light and feature complete – a claim it most certainly lives up to. The lightweight GTK+ music player is derived from the now-defunct Consonance media player.

Whilst Pragha it’s not a player you’ve probably heard of before it is certainly one that deserve a once over if you’re a fan of Amarok-style tree-browsing.



No music player is worth it’s salt if it’s lacking in the features department, so what does Pragha offer? Quite a bit…

  • Library management using the sqlite3 database engine
  • Queue list
  • Multiple views
  • Notification bubbles on track change
  • Tag editing
  • mp3, ogg, flac, modplug, wav and Audio CD support
  • Last.fm scrobbling
  • Playlist management (M3U Exporting)
  • Global keybindings
  • Displays album art when playing track/audio CD

There is no cross-fading, gapless playback or ReplayGain support. Not deal breakers for some, but likely vital omissions for others.


Ubuntu 10.04 users can find the most recently-release version in handy .deb files thanks to Ferramosca Roberto’s PPA: –

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