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Feature Wishlist: Progress Bars in GNOME Shell

Bug 701402 calls on GNOME developers to 'implement progress bars in GNOME Shell'. This is absolutely the sort of bug I can get behind — and in this post I tell you why.

12 June 2017

Does Your Ubuntu PC Look This Cool?

With a bit of imagination, some paint, and plenty of LEDs a boring PC box can be transformed into a terrific tower.

2 June 2013

Stunning: We Love This Ubuntu Mini PC Concept

The allure of Ubuntu-branded hardware never quite fades, does it? Following Nick Rutledge's divine Ubuntu Laptop Concept comes this Ubuntu Mini PC idea by Lucas Romero Di Benedetto.

23 February 2012
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Ubuntu Laptop Concept

Imagine for a second that an official Ubuntu-branded laptop existed. What would it look it? Reader Nick Rutledge thought about this question whilst he was mocking-up his dream Ubuntu device....

1 February 2012
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Better Positioning Lenses within the Dash (mockups)

Another day and another set of Unity mock-ups. This time from the hand of Ubuntu user staticd, who wonders whether the position of the 'Lens bar' - which appears at the bottom of the Dash in Ubuntu 11.10 - could be better placed - could be better placed.

11 November 2011
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This Unity 5.0 Mockup Has Me Sold – What About You?

Yesterday we took a look at one users ideal vision of Unity on smartphones and tablets - but what about Unity on the desktop? The Unity interface has come such a long way in such a short space of time, and although Ubuntu 12.04 isn't likely to see too many dramatic chances in how it looks, many folks are speculating on ideal future iterations regardless.

9 November 2011

Ubuntu Unity Smartphone and Tablet Mockup

Canonical plans for Ubuntu to go multi-device, appearing on smartphones, tablets, TVs in addition to the regular ol' PC, aren't due to sneak out until Ubuntu 14.04. But Ubuntu user Ian Santopietro thinks you can't ever be 'too early' to start thinking about how the interface might look, and so presented his take on a multi-device Ubuntu's Unity interface to the 'Ayatana' mailing list.

8 November 2011
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Postler and Dexter Messaging Menu integration mock-up

The elementary project’s stable of experiments waxes and wanes with real buoyancy. Recent additions that have floated to the fore include the refined e-mail client Postler and slick contacts app Dexter.

6 January 2011
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Yo, Banshee – native it up a bit, yeah?

Banshee will be sat on millions of Ubuntu desktops next april as Ubuntu 11.04's default music player - but some users think it could do with looking a little bit more native.

5 December 2010
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Firefox 4 Beta 7 – how it should look on Linux

Yesterday we mentioned that Firefox 4 Beta for Linux now boasts a 'menu' button rather than a menu bar. Whilst it's undoubtedly welcome it doesn't look as good as it could - nor should. Take a peek and see why.

22 November 2010
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Unity workspace mock-up; 4 workspace limit in Ubuntu 11.04

Mark Shuttleworth recently responded to a Unity workspace mock-up the Ayatana Mailing List and revealed some interesting features of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty...

30 October 2010