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Ubuntu 12.10 Ditches ‘Messaging Menu’ Pips, Updates Icons

Ubuntu 12.10 has updated its Messaging Menu icons once again. Five revamped 'pips' - small icons that appear on the panel 'envelope' icon - have been added.

3 October 2012
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[How To] Use Different Messaging Menu Icons in Ubuntu 12.10

Icon changes to the Messaging Menu in Ubuntu 12.10 were met with a lukewarm reception from many users. The good news is that like all things open source if we don’t like it we can, with a little effort, tweak things to suit our personal preferences. And in this guest post from Sam Hewitt, we take a look at how to do just that....

23 September 2012
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Messaging Menu Update Adds “Remove” Option, New Status Icons

Ubuntu's Messaging Menu has been updated with a couple of new features in the development builds fo 12.10 - the most notable of which is the ability to hide.

19 September 2012

[How To] Make The Ubuntu Messaging Menu Icon Blink on New Notifications

Ubuntu's Messaging Menu icon turns blue when a new e-mail, tweet or IM, etc, is waiting for you. But if the baby-blue notification is too subtle, why not have it blink as well?

8 September 2012

Ubuntu Add New Message Indicator Icons

The Ubuntu 12.10 icon theme has been updated with new status items for use in the Messaging Menu. A total of 24 new messaging indicator icons were added - 12 for use with the default 'mono-dark' icon set, and 12 for use with the 'mono-light' version.

30 August 2012
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Skype Messaging Menu Plugin Gets Updated

Skype Wrapper, a third-party plugin that integrates VoIP client Skype with Ubuntu's Messaging Menu, has been updated with a handful of new features.

10 November 2011
Skype in the Ubuntu messaging Menu

[How To] Add Skype to The Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Want Skype in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu? Here's how...

30 October 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Says Goodbye to the ‘Me Menu’

The 'Me Menu' will no longer be installed by default in Ubuntu 11.10. In its place comes a rejigged Messaging Menu.

17 July 2011