Messaging Menu in Ubuntu 12.10

Icon changes to the Messaging Menu in Ubuntu 12.10 were met with a lukewarm reception from many users.

The good news is that like all things open source if we don’t like it we can, with a little effort, tweak things to suit our personal preferences.

And in this guest post from Sam Hewitt, we take a look at how to do just that….

Alternative Icons

Instead of using a coloured shape overlay to denote status, this reworked icon theme uses the colour of the messaging menu envelope itself to denote status.

The icon changes to a relevant colour to reflect the user’s status, whilst reserving the default light blue icon for a “new message”. The status “shapes” are also replaced with coloured circles.

[image broken]

Install Alternate Messaging Menu Icons (in Ubuntu)

Download the archive of alternate icons here and extract it (Right click > Extract here).

  • To change the indicator icons, as root: copy, merge & replace the “ubuntu-mono-*” folders from the archive to /usr/share/icons.
  • To change the status “shapes” in the menu, as as root: copy, merge & replace the “Humanity” folder from the archive to /usr/share/icons.

Users of the lighter Radiance theme don’t need to feel left out – this hack caters for them too:

[image broken]

If in time you grow to love the default icons and/or just want to undo the changes, the hack can be reversed by reinstalling the default Humanity and Ubuntu Monochrome icons.

  • sudo apt-get install –reinstall humanity-icon-theme ubuntu-mono

Thanks to Sam Hewitt

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