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Screenshot App ‘Shutter’ Adds New Upload Services

Linux screen capture application 'Shutter' has been updated to support more online image sharing services.

24 November 2011
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Google Music Frame Gets Renamed, Adds Grooveshark, 8Track Support

Google Music Frame has a new name, and some new service support to boot.

20 November 2011
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New Stable Release Of Linux MSN App ‘Emesene’ Available

Emesene, the popular MSN-styled messaging client, has a new stable release available for download. The update fixes several issues, including a recent connection issue caused by changes to the MSN service.

13 November 2011
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Firefox 8 Officially Released

Firefox 8 might have been 'out in the wild' for a few days, but today marks its official release. Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 will automatically upgrade to Firefox 8 at some point in the coming days - no PPAs or downloads necessary.

8 November 2011

Word Game ‘Tanglet’ Gets Refreshed Visuals, Difficulty Settings

If it seems like it was only last week that I mentioned Boggle-style word game Tanglet - and that's largely because it was. But my timing in highlighting the app was ripe: Tanglet has just been updated with improved graphics and new game-play feature.

2 November 2011
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Focus Writer Update Adds .Odt Support

Full-screen distraction free writing app 'Focus Writer' has been updated. The application, which sports custom-themes, configurable toolbars and a daily goal tracker amongst its various features, has now gained basic support for the opening and saving of .Odt files (the file format most commonly used by LibreOffice).

19 October 2011
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OpenShot 1.4 Released With New Effects & Improved Features

A new version of popular Linux video editor OpenShot - featuring numerous interface and performance improvements and new effects - has been made available for download.

23 September 2011
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New Dev Release of Linux Hardware Monitor ‘Psensor’

A new development release of Psensor - a small utility for monitoring hardware temperature in Linux - is now available for download.

16 September 2011
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Tetris Meets Physics In This Crazy New Version

What happens when the classic game of Tetris becomes bound to the laws of physics? Not Tetris 2, is what.

5 September 2011
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Shotwell 0.11 – Now Available For Lucid and Maverick Users

The latest version of photo-management application Shotwell - which added hierarchal tags and BMP support - has been "backported" to Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. Martin Wimpress is the awesome individual who maintains and packages Shotwell in a PPA for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 users.

30 August 2011

Lucid Lives: 10 Apps Still Updated for Ubuntu 10.04

With Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 long since out, and Ubuntu 11.10 stirring up excitement with every update, it's easy to forget that the 16 month old Long Term Support release of Ubuntu 10.04 remains installed on many a users computer. But there are a number of applications that provide their latest versions for Ubuntu 10.04 users, and in this post I'll highlight 10 of the very best applications still loving the honourable Lucid Lynx.

19 August 2011
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Ubuntu 10.04.3 Released

The third maintenance update to Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS has been released.

21 July 2011