What happens when the classic game of Tetris becomes bound to the laws of physics? Not Tetris 2, is what.

Not Tetris 2 might look like Tetris, play like Tetris and even sound like Tetris but it is not Tetris as you know it.

In this unofficial – and open source, sssh – spin the classic game of blocks becomes adherent to the laws of physics; falling blocks can still be rotated but if do it too quickly or add too much downward motion you’ll end up with a right royal mess: –

The added dimension of Newton and co’s rules only serves to make gameplay more fiendishly fun, and, the easily frustrated amongst you will be happy to know that lines “clear” when ‘sufficiently filled’; you don’t have to be spot on.

Other features

As with the Gameboy classic that ate up a significant chunk of my childhood (yes, I am that old) there are multiplayer options available. Thankfully these don’t require the purchase of an overpriced link cable to enable battle.

The timeless chiptune soundtrack is also present – B-Type ftw – as are options for adjusting the screen colour and size. A fullscreen option is also available.


Not Tetris 2 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users and can be downloaded from the NotTetris2 mini-site by hitting the fancy button below:

To game requires the installation of the 2DLOVE game engine in order to play. LOVE is available to install in Ubuntu 10.04 onwards through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

With LOVE installed, extract the .Zip file and double click on the ‘not tetris 2.love‘ file inside the resulting folder.

not tetris 2 in Ubuntu

Thanks to Tushant M

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