Clipboard manager ‘Diodon’ is to soon add a searchable Unity lens  for clipboard entries to its default package.

Currently available for testing in the Diodon Daily PPA the lens itself is a standard affair with recent clipboard items presented as clickable ’tiles’.  Users can also filter clipboard entries using the search field.


As someone who doesn’t need a clipboard manager, let alone a way to search previous clipboard entries, I’m not the best person to wax lyrical on the merits of a lens such as this.

But I can admit that the lens, although currently buggy and not-recommended for installation on production systems, provides an impressively quick way to find previously copied text, images and files.

Help test it

As previously mentioned, the Lens is in testing and can be installed from the Diodon Daily PPA. This is not recommended for casual users or those needing reliable performance from a feature such as this.

Add ‘ppa:diodon-team/daily’ to your Software Sources, update and then either run an upgrade (if you already have Diodon installed) or search for and install ‘Diodon’ from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

You will need to log out and back in for the Lens to appear and begin working.

Via Diodon

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