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Use Your LastFm Data as a Cool Desktop Wallpaper

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

WallpaperFM converts your Last.Fm data into a really cool – and highly customizable – wallpaper.

Way too cool not to make part of my Quirky Wallpaper Series and share with the rest of you Ubuntu users!

If you want to try this out, open a terminal and paste each line.

  • cd
  • mkdir wallpaperfm
  • cd wallpaperfm
  • wget
  • chmod a+x

This gives you the “basic” look.

The basic look is nice, but you can tweak it much further – and enable some really cool styles to boot!


Open a terminal and cd to /wallpaperfm (or whereever you have saved the .py file you wget’d above.)



Then add any of the following options that you see fit.


-u ausername

Time Period

-t overall
-t 3month
-t 12month
-t 6month


-m tile
-m glass
-m collage

Wallpaper size

-i yourwallpapersize


-O numberbetween0and100

As such my command might look like this: –

./ -u joeysneddon -i 1440×900 -m collage -t overall

More Options

As well as the general options listed above, there are specific options for each “mode”.

Tile Options

You can change the size of the album covers from the default setting of 130×130.

-a imagesize

for example: –

-a 100

gives you album tiles 100×100.

Collage Options

You can specify how many album covers are used in the collage by using the following flag:

-n numberofalbumcovers


-n 60

would use 60 album covers.

Glass Options

You can choose to display more than 7 albums in the Glass mode by also using the -n flag.


-n 10

The size of the covers will decrease as you increase the number.

Glass mode using 14 covers

Glass mode using 14 covers.

You can find more options on the official site @


You can use this hack offline too, just use the -l flag.