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Beatbox Music Player Adds New Artist Overview, Unity Quicklist

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Beatbox music player has improved the way it displays additional artists/track information.

Detailed artist information, discography and pictures, as well as lyrics for the currently playing track, can be revealed by clicking the new ‘information’ button added to the toolbar.

Previously Beatbox used a toggle-able sidebar to display lyrics and other Last.FM metadata.

beatbox's new information feature

Also new is a quicklist containing player control items and quick links for opening the application’s ‘Preferences’ and ‘Equalizer’.

Beatbox quicklist

Installing Beatbox

For a full run-down of Beatbox’s features, as well as instructions¬†on how to install it in Ubuntu 12.04, see our previous article: BeatBox Music Player Updated for Ubuntu 12.04