As an avid user of both Google Music and Last.FM, enabling scrobbling in Google Music Frame – the integrated desktop web app for Google Music – was a must do.

Annoyingly the instructions on the Google Music Frame website refused to work for me on any of my devices, but with a quick poke around I found a solution.

How to enable Last.FM Integration in Google Music Frame

The first step is to download the user script that enables scrobbling via Google Music.

We next need to move it to the Google Music Frame userscripts folder. We have to do this as ‘root’, so open a Terminal and enter the following command carefully: –

gksu nautilus /usr/share/google-music-frame/userscripts

When the window appears drag and drop the ‘lastfm.js’ file you downloaded above into this folder.

google Music Frame scrobbling - Save to this location

With the script in the correct place we now need to manually enable it for use in the app.

To do this we need to open a Terminal window and enter the following command: –

gksu gedit ~/.config/google-music-frame/main.conf

In the text editor window that appears enter the line before hitting ‘Save’: –

user_scripts = lastfm

All that’s left to do is launch Google Music Frame; upon opening you will either see a link saying “ Requires Authentication” or, if you’ve previously granted the userscript privileges with your Google Account, an already logged in ‘’ entry.

To double check its working just visit your Last.FM profile whilst listening to a track. If all went well you should see this:

How To googlemusic lastfm