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OMG Interviews Valorie Zimmerman, Ubuntu women, Linux Grandma and Kubuntu Extraordinaire

Valorie has been a valuable contributor to the Kubuntu community and overall Free Open Source Software community for quite awhile and I had the privilege of meeting her last year at Community Leadership Summit and […]

13 February 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 13

Development Update Ubuntu 12.04 is shaping up nicely. Last week Alpha 2 got released, which means you should be testing by now. Next week we will hit Feature Freeze, by which time we “stop introducing […]

9 February 2012
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[How To] Increase Volume Past 100% in KDE

Veromix plasmoid for KDE offers many features, including per-app volume control, configurable equaliser and global hotkeys, but it also allows you to increase system volume past the default 100% point, thus making it handy when encountering a barely audible movie or audio file. Reader Ovidiu-Florin sent in a step-by-step guide for us to share with you on installing and configuring Veromix for this purpos

8 February 2012
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[How To] Add a “Places” Menu in KDE

KDE. Some think of it as the desktop environment that doesn't get the attention it deserves. What I like most about KDE is that there is Plasmoid (a form of widget for KDE) for almost everything - Facebook, clocks, weather, tweeting, start menus, Dash, calculator, system monitors etc... you name it.

12 January 2012

Kubuntu, Xubuntu 12.04 Become Long Term Support Releases

Three of Ubuntu's siblings have jumped aboard the Long Term Support (LTS) train.

10 January 2012
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Kubuntu 11.10 ‘Low Fat Settings’ Package Promises Speed Boost, Lower Memory Usage

A new settings package available to install Kubuntu 11.10 claims to reduce memory usage and speed up boot times.

25 September 2011
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KDE 4.6.4 bugfix releases, hits Kubuntu PPA

The latest bugfix release of KDE Software Compilation is now available for Kubuntu 11.04 users to install from the Kubuntu updates PPA.

10 June 2011
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How to easily create a GNOME Style panel layout in KDE

Ubuntu users dipping their toes into the glossy pool of Kubuntu can often be left bamboozled by the look and behaviour of the KDE desktop.

21 April 2011
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Kubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 released and reviewed

It may not be getting Unity nor the attention its purple/orange brother is receiving, but that doesn't mean nothing is interesting happening with Kubuntu. Read on to find out!

6 February 2011
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Oxygen theme for Google Chrome

I've been on the hunt for a decent Oxygen theme to make Google Chrome look less orphan in Kubuntu 10.10 and finally found one. I thought I'd bookmark it here in public in-case other folks are also seeking one out.

22 November 2010
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Get gorgeous transparent blurred app windows in Kubuntu

Make Oxygen even more beautiful with transparent blurred windows.

21 November 2010
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Making Chrome look native in Kubuntu

Afro over on our sister site OMG! SuSE! just posted a neat little guide on getting web browsers Google Chrome & Opera to look all neat and tidy within the KDE desktop. Since the tips […]

13 September 2010