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Inkscape 1.3.1 Released as ‘Biggest Bug Fix’ Update Ever

Inkscape, a free and open-source vector graphics editor, has released a new version which its developers say is the ‘biggest bug fix’ update they’ve ever shared! Alongside 40 bug fixes there are over 30 crash/freeze […]

19 November 2023

Inkscape 1.2 is Now Available to Download

Ahoy, a new version of Inkscape has appeared. We take a look at the key new features in Inkscape 1.2, the official release video, and share download links.

17 May 2022

Major Update: Inkscape 1.1 Released with Scores of New Features

Inkscape 1.1 is out, and it's full of new features and other improvements. We run-through what's new and show you how to install Inkscape 1.1 on Ubuntu.

25 May 2021
Xmas Tux 2016

Give Your Linux Desktop a Festive Feel with these Xmas Tux Wallpapers

Give your Linux desktop a festive feel with a Christmas Tux wallpaper from open-source designer Mark Riedesel. He's made a Linux xmas wallpaper each year since 2004.

23 December 2017
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Two Popular Open-Source Apps Are Now Available in the Windows Store

Two of the most celebrated open-source applications are now available on the Windows Store, though one comes with a £7.49/$9.79 price tag attached.

18 June 2017

Adobe Style Icons for GIMP and Inkscape

Want to replace GIMP and Inkscape's icons for uniform Adobe Creative Suite-esque alternatives? Well, you can.

4 April 2016

Open source designer Ian ‘Izo’ Cylkowski talks tools, design tips and talent

Earlier this week Akshat took some time out to chat with open-source fan and graphic designer talented Ian 'Izo' Cylkowski about his work, his tools and his thoughts on designing in open-source.

11 May 2011
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Inkscape 0.48 released – new airbrush tool, greatly improved text tool & multipath editing

Scalable Vector Graphic fans of the world rejoice - Open Source’s premier vector drawing application Inkscape has been bumped up to 0.48, adding lots of fixes and features for artists to get excited about in the process.

1 September 2010
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How to recreate the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper in Inkscape (Step-by-step)

With a few weeks to kill until the next Beta of Ubuntu 10.04 why not stoke your creatively-sapped juices by re-creating the new Ubuntu 10.04 default wallpaper in Inkscape? Popular Spanish design site have […]

22 March 2010