Xmas Tux Wallpaper for 2017

Want to give your Linux desktop a festive feel with a Christmas Tux wallpaper?

Mark Riedesel has made a new xmas Tux wallpaper since 2004 using open-source software

Well, thanks to a super talented open-source designer you can.

Yup, you don’t need to turn to turn to Google to track down a badly GIMP’d xmas scene featuring a pasted pixelated tux.

Mark Riedesel, better known by the handle ‘Klowner’, creates a new Christmas Tux wallpaper each and every year – and has done so since 2004! His fully festive backdrops are made using a selection box of open-source graphics apps like Inkscape and Blender.

His latest design, sat atop of this post like a wobbly tree topper, is one of the best yet. It features Tux and a cat looking out over a christmassy tabletop village featuring festive looking penguins amid snow topped houses.

Of the design Mark writes: “Merry Christmas, everyone! Cutting it even closer to the Christmas deadline this time. This year has been a busy one, I’ve been focused on a lot of different projects and I definitely considered skipping my annual Christmas wallpaper this year, but as usual, I’m glad I pushed through and got it done.”

The new wallpaper looks beautifully sharp on my 4K monitor (some wallpapers I use are fuzzier than xmas lights set off in the distance).

You can download a high-res PNG or SVG from Mark’s website.

While you’re on Mark’s site I do recommend you browse around to look at his Christmas Linux wallpapers from previous years (quick tip: change the year in the URL to jump to them quickly).

His 2011 xmas wallpaper, pictured in the gallery above, is my absolute favourite drape for this time of year.

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