Scalable Vector Graphic fans of the world rejoice – Open Source’s premier vector drawing application Inkscape has been bumped up to 0.48, adding lots of fixes and features for artists to get excited about in the process.

New & improved

The text tool in particular has received lots of attention and now has support for: –

  • “Line Spacing:” Distance between baselines of adjacent lines
  • “Letter Spacing:” Spacing between letters
  • “Word Spacing:” Spacing between words
  • “Horizontal kerning”
  • “Vertical shift”
  • “Character rotation”

The new multi-mode spray tool allows users to quickly ‘[create] effects that previously would take much longer to achieve’.

Other changes include a handful of new extensions, improved exporting & select UI changes. More information can be found in the release notes.

Inkscape 0.48
Inkscape 0.48


Source can found @

Alternatively the build is available for installation via the Inkscape Nightly PPA @

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