Those who installed Lucid Lynx got a surprise – from pre-releases through to the full release of 10.04, Ubuntu’s windows buttons have swapped sides! Interesting how this default setup of these buttons now mirror those of the OS X.

The following short tutorial will explain how to switch your minimize/maximize/close window buttons from the left side back to the right side, without using the command line! Farewell counter-intuitiveness, hello happy computing.

Update: No, I don’t think Ubuntu is turning into a Mac. I also could give two flying fracks what side my buttons are on, personally.. but this was a popular request upon the advent of Lynx. So… I just thought I’d poke fun at the random similarity to Mac OS X, assuming nobody would take it seriously. Strangely enough, a lot of you did. Meh, I really hate explaining a joke, it takes the fun out of it. 8-)