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Screenshot of Shortwave radio player for Linux desktops

Download Now: Shortwave is a Great Radio Player App for Linux Desktops

Looking for a desktop radio player for Linux? Check out Shortwave, a GTK app that lets you search for and listen to radio, and even record radio streams.

17 March 2020

Odio is a Classy Looking Radio Player for Linux Desktops

With Gradio sidelined and its successor Shortwave yet to broadcast a stable release, you might be looking for a way to listen to radio stations on the Ubuntu Linux desktop. If so, check out Odio […]

9 December 2019
this week twitter taught me

This Week Twitter Taught Me: Libhandy Looks Great, Ubuntu Cares, and Pigeons Be Ballin’

Another week's worth of notable tweets condensed in to a hastily written, poorly collated, and entirely un-researched ramble.

3 May 2019

Gradio is Dead! Long Live Shortwave!

Ever listen to radio stations on the Linux desktop? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Gradio. The desktop radio player app, which I mentally pronounce “gray-dee-oh“, has been a staple part of […]

27 January 2019
radio 0.7

New Version of Linux Radio Player ‘Gradio’ Released

Desktop Linux radio player Gradio has broadcast word of its latest release, and it sounds great. In my article on Gradio 6.0 I lamented the loss of the player’s handy ‘discover’ section which, although overcrowded, helped […]

18 December 2017
radio apps

Open Source Desktop Radio App Gradio Updated

A new version of Gradio, a desktop radio app for Linux desktops, is available for download. A fairly sizeable update, Gradio 6.0 introduces a number of UI improvements, including a new sort menu, extended radio station search, […]

12 September 2017
goodvibes radio player

Goodvibes is an Internet Radio Player App for Ubuntu

I don’t listen to the radio that often, but when I do it’s certainly not in the traditional way. Like many, I listen to internet radio on my PC using a Linux radio app. A small selection of […]

20 January 2017
radio apps

Gradio 5.0 Released with Background Play, Improves Station Discovery

An new release of Linux radio app Gradio is now available to download, and from reading its change-log it sounds like an update that’s worth tuning in for. If you haven’t heard about the app before, you’re […]

27 December 2016
radio apps

GTK Radio Player ‘Gradio’ Gets New Beta Release, Gains New Features

A new beta release of the desktop radio player app GRadio is available for download — and it’s broadcasting a wealth of changes.  Developer Häcker Felix says the next major stable release needs to deliver ‘a […]

25 September 2016
radio apps

Open-Source Radio App Updated With New Features, Better Discover Experience

Gradio is a great little open-source desktop radio player app for Linux — and it just got even better.

29 July 2016

Gradio Lets You Listen to Radio Stations on the Linux Desktop

Gradio is a simple radio player app for Linux. It lets you browse, search and listen to radio stations without needing to use a browser or enter a stream URL.

27 July 2016