gradio 6.0 on ubuntu desktop

A new version of Gradio, a desktop radio app for Linux desktops, is available for download.

A fairly sizeable update, Gradio 6.0 introduces a number of UI improvements, including a new sort menu, extended radio station search, and the ability to ‘edit’ station details.

The app isn’t new of course. We’ve written about this GTK desktop radio player of times before but this release marks its first stable update in 2017.

You can now group stations into collections (e.g., ‘talk radio’, ‘swedish radio’, ‘dance stations’, etc) and both view and edit ‘details’ about a station.

There are also new sorting options queued up ready for you to take advantage of. These let you sort stations by votes, country, name, language, clicks, bitrate, state and date.

If you’re a regular distro-hopper this release also makes it easy to export and import your station library. This will save you from needing to start over from scratch each time you switch distribution.

Memory usage is said to be reduced in this release, and the player now automatically reconnects to stations if/when the connection drops.

In all, a great set of updates — though, terribly overcrowded as it was, I do miss the old ‘Discover’ section:

gradio linux radio app
Discover: this helpful section is no longer included

I still find the Gradio UI, especially around searching, a little unintuitive, even clunky, at times. Station connection also seems more temperamental.

A keyboard shortcut to open the details sidebar would be appreciated, especially as there’s no other way to see the bitrate of a connection while listening.

Install Gradio 6.0 on Ubuntu

Gradio 6.0 is currently available as source (which you will have to manually compile into an app you can use).

Download Gradio 6.0 from Github (Source Code)

If building the app from source sounds too much like effort, no worries: Gradio 6.0 will soon be available on Flathub, the Flatpak app store. A pull request for the addition is currently pending.

The Gradio PPA is no longer available.

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