gradio on gnome desktop
The current statele release of Gradio, v4.0

A new beta release of the desktop radio player app GRadio is available for download — and it’s broadcasting a wealth of changes. 

Developer Häcker Felix says the next major stable release needs to deliver ‘a rock-solid stable base for the next versions’, and to do so he needs feedback on how the app is shaping up right now.

Gradio 5.0 features a number of new features, including:

  • Minimize to tray
  • Continue playback in background
  • Infinitive scroll
  • Automatic install of missing codecs
  • New menu layout
  • Notifications for new songs
  • Clicking on a station toggle play/pause

It also improves the station head logo, lowers the GTK version requirement from 3.18 to 3.14, and introduces transient notifications.

Problem loading Finnish radio stations have been resolved and the “ugly behaviour after search” sorted.  The application is also able to save the window size and position between launches.

While Felix has yet to update his Gradio Ubuntu PPA with this build, he says he plans to make a Flatpak version of the app available for testing “shortly”.

Source code is readily available for download and, if you’re handy with the command line, you should be able to compile it yourself with a minimum of fuss.

Download Gradio 5.0 Beta 1 (Source Code)

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