Hey, it’s me! The guy who writes this blog! How are you doing? I’m great thanks. I’ve been reading Twitter again and, shoot, i just have to tell you all about it…

Yes, welcome to another try-hard instalment in my “Things Twitter Taught Me This Week” series — or #TTMTW as no-one, not even me, is calling it.

Wondering what kinds of grime the toxic-sludge factory that is Twitter has coated me in this week? No? Well imma tell you anyway…

Shortwave is looking Great

Felix Häcker is a Linux app developer who’s terrifically well named. And this week the dev shared a video clip of his new radio app for not-so-new Linux desktops.

The app, called ‘Shortwave’, and intended as a successor/replacement for Gradio, makes solid use of the (new) libhandy library to give the app a slickly responsive (read: phone-friendly) interface:

Shortwave has yet to see a stable release but the code is available on Gitlab if you want to tune-in to its awesomeness a little early.

Side note: Fedora 30 really dropped the ball on the default desktop wallpaper (pictured in the video), didn’t it? Fedora 29’s epic wire mesh creation was peak!

Validation is Everything

I’ve been making typos blogging about Ubuntu for a smidge over ten years now, but I’ve only been doing it under the name “OMG! Ubuntu!” for … oh, I don’t keep count, something like, umm, say 9 years and 5 months and 11 days and 4 hours and 19 minutes and 4 seconds.

That means OMG! Ubuntu!’s 10th anniversary — wow that is scary to read —takes place later this year — and guess who noticed? Yup, Mummy and daddy did!

Cue a nice warm cozy feeling in my tummy.

I’ve come some wicked cool ideas in the pipeline to make the event. Okay, I say “ideas” but I actually mean “cake”. I have some wicked cool cake ideas.

We should all be more pigeon

Unofficial, unscientific and wholly unresearched statistics by media company Ohso.io reveal that 75% of Twitter is made up of people complaining. Maybe we could all chill a bit?

This pigeon has certainly learnt how to:

I wonder if he uses Coo-buntu or prefer Ubuntu Budgie… 🤭 Either way, do you know which terminal command pigeons never run? cat.

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