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Google Earth Update Fixes Several Linux Bugs, Adds New Icon

The latest bug fix update to Google Earth desktop app finally allows Linux users to see Panoramio photos without pesky workarounds, and adds a new app icon.

4 September 2016

Google Earth for Linux Fix Coming ‘Shortly’

An updated version of Google Earth 7 that will work in Ubuntu is on the way. The most recent update to the desktop app, Google Earth 7.0.1, was released in late October 2012. It brought with it an improved 'tour guide' feature and 3D imagery previously only available via the Android and iOS versions of the app. But for all its new features the Linux app was lacking a key one: the ability to work.

5 December 2012
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[How To] Make Google Earth 6.2 Look ‘Native’ in Ubuntu

Earlier today we posted a short guide on fixing Google Earth's infamous 'ugly fonts' issue when running under Ubuntu. In the comments to that post a reader, Daniele80, pointed us in the direction of a hack that enables Google Earth to look 'native' under Ubuntu. Be warned: the following guide isn't for the fainthearted or the inexperienced. If things go wrong just reinstall Google Earth using the .Deb installer from Google's website and start again.

31 January 2012
Font issue fixed in Google Earth on Ubuntu

[How To] Fix Ugly Fonts in Google Earth 6.2 on Ubuntu

Google Earth 6.2 was released last week with improved imagery, Google+ integration and improvements to search. Sadly one thing wasn't fixed: the infamous 'font issue' in Linux. Inside you'll learn how to fix it with a few clicks.

31 January 2012
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Google Earth plays nice with Compiz and Ubuntu 10.10

The last time I tried Google Earth on Ubuntu was late last year and I remember I couldn't get it working with Compiz enabled - OpenGL was slow and flickered so much it was unusable when effects were enabled. When they were disabled, it wasn't much better. I installed Google Earth on Maverick and I was blown away by how awesome it was. Click through for videos and install instructions.

9 October 2010
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Installing Google Earth 5.2 in Ubuntu

Google dropped a new release of the popular Google Earth application yesterday and here’s how to get it installed, up and running AND looking relatively nice in Ubuntu 10.04. Whilst there is a fancy-pants way […]

15 June 2010
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Google Earth 5.1 Brings Better Performance, Smoother Fun

Google’s 3D desktop application “Google Earth” has been updated to 5.1 ” but brings with it some incredible speed and memory improvements. “Fast is better than slow.” “For the newest version of Google Earth, we’ve […]

10 September 2009
ASUS X54HR Ubuntu Laptop

Top 5 Apps Not Installed With Ubuntu

There are some incredibly useful applications that don’t ship with Ubuntu one for reason or another. Below I list my 5 of the best applications you might be missing out on! Pitivi – Simple Video […]

24 April 2009
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Make Google Earth Use GTK

Google Earth doesn’t use your GTK theme by default and as such tends to look like a Windows 95 reject! The command below will make Google Earth use GTK – matching the rest of your […]

24 April 2009