An updated version of  Google Earth 7 that will work in Ubuntu is on the way.

The most recent update to the desktop app, Google Earth 7.0.1, was released in late October 2012. It brought with it an improved ‘tour guide’ feature and 3D imagery previously only available via the Android and iOS versions of the app.

But for all its new features the Linux app was lacking a key one: the ability to work.

Caught Signal 11

Mere minutes after its official release the Google Earth product forums were inundated with messages from frustrated Linux users unable to get the application to run.

Although the application is able to install fine, and displays its splash screen when opened, that’s as far as many users get. The app catches a ‘signal 11’ error and closes almost immediately after.

In Google Earth’s defence the application has always been a little bit rubbish on Linux, though typically only afflicted in the looks department.

Compounding the frustrations of those experiencing the ‘signal 11’ issue were messages from other Ubuntu users for whom the build worked.

Fix Coming

Thankfully Google’s software development team have been paying attention, and I’m told that a new build that ‘fixes the issues experienced by many Linux users’ will be released ‘shortly’.

To ensure that there are no issues, Google have been testing the build with a handful of Ubuntu users for the last week or so.

The new build will carry the version number (current build, though if you don’t fancy checking version numbers to see if it’s released just keep an ear to this blog: we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

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