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Hands on with the CR-48

Well I've been spending the last couple hours getting acquainted with my CR-48, and it's definitely been a fun experience. I was extremely excited as I dug into the box with the cutesy illustration of a rocket powered mouse wheel to get at the computer.

17 December 2010

Tyler is Getting a Chrome OS Cr-48!

Guess what Tyler is getting for Christmas?

12 December 2010
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Get Chromium on Ubuntu To Play mp4, H.264, MP3 & view PDF files natively

Google ChromeOS will do many wonderful things – the free and open-source version ‘Chromium OS’ sadly won’t. Many of these ‘features’ can, given the nature of what Chrome/iumOS is, be enabled easily in both – […]

21 November 2010
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Stay Hidden on GTalk in Empathy: Fix

GTalk Empathy users may have come across the following bug: – You change your status to ‘hidden’ but Empathy shows you as ‘Busy’ – this can lead to all manner of super embarrassing moments… "Hey […]

20 November 2010
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Download the default ChromeOS wallpaper and view the default screensaver

Who wants a bit of ChromeOS default art to brighten their day? You? Click on in.

18 November 2010
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Google Chrome OS enters Beta

Those rumours of a Google branded Chrome OS toting netbook launching last this month are beginning to look a touch more credible with our friends over at Chrome Story noting that the OS has entered […]

3 November 2010
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Which of these is not a web browser?

Most readers landing upon this page wouldn't require a seconds hesitation in answering the question posed above. But for a contestant on India's version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' it required an entire audience vote to pick an answer.

22 October 2010
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Google Earth plays nice with Compiz and Ubuntu 10.10

The last time I tried Google Earth on Ubuntu was late last year and I remember I couldn't get it working with Compiz enabled - OpenGL was slow and flickered so much it was unusable when effects were enabled. When they were disabled, it wasn't much better. I installed Google Earth on Maverick and I was blown away by how awesome it was. Click through for videos and install instructions.

9 October 2010
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Google open-source the galaxy…

No not that sort of galaxy but the immersive Google Earth set-up called ‘Liquid Galaxy’ which displays Google Earth in a surround view around you using eight 55-inch LCD screens. And now it’s open-source. From […]

1 October 2010
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Using Google’s WebP image convertor in Ubuntu

Google today launched a developer preview of their new image format WebP which, they claim, can ‘reduce the byte size of photos on the web, allowing web sites to load faster than before.’

30 September 2010
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Google Talk video & voice chat FINALLY comes to Linux

It’s raining where I am but the sun is most certainly shining in my head: Gtalk users on Linux can finally use both voice and video chat. Adding such support has been Google’s top video […]

20 August 2010
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GoogSysTray 1.2.0 Released – adds previews, new features

A new version of popular Google services notification tray application (!) GoogSysTray has been released. This version adds Google Docs support, mail previews, new Gmail features, Gnome Keying support & “a bunch of new translations”. […]

22 June 2010