There were a couple of UDS sessions today that covered the new global menu for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Netbook Edition. It was decided that the global menu will be tested in Maverick Netbook Edition and a PPA will be available for Lucid users to help test as well. During the first testing phase, both the menu in the panel and the menu in the window will be visible so testers can ensure they are the same – that the right information is getting parsed through to the panel.

After alpha 2 of Maverick, the window menu will disappear and only the global menu will be available. During this time work will be ongoing to fix applications that don’t work too well with the new menu.

A lot of people have thought this would only be for GNOME, and only for GTK. In a session today at 5pm local time, there was a demonstration that shows the technology working in Qt and GTK across GNOME as well as KDE.

Remember, this technology will only be present by default in Ubuntu Netbook Edition, but desktop users will be able to easily install it too.

Note that the video is still being processed.

globalmenu uds-m