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ubuntu 22.10: GNOME text editor

Ubuntu 22.10 Replaces Gedit with New Text Editor

The latest daily builds of Ubuntu 22.10 'Kinetic Kudu' come with GNOME's new GTK4-based text editing tool by default. Find out why Gedit has been replaced.

30 May 2022

There’s a Dracula Theme for …Pretty Much Everything

If you use the Ant Dracula GTK theme on your Linux desktop check out this horde of Dracula themes for well known apps like Gedit, VSCode and Vim.

19 November 2019
gedit is unmaintained

Gedit Text Editor is No Longer Maintained

Gedit is the default text editor on GNOME, Ubuntu, and countless other Linux distros — but today I learnt that it's also unmaintained.

27 July 2017

How to Install Gedit 3.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Updated)

Wish Gedit still had its toolbar? We show you how to install an older version of popular open-source text editor on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

26 June 2016
New Gedit UI

Gedit Text Editor Finally Gets a UI Revamp

GNOME has finally gotten around to updating the look and feel of their text editor, 'Gedit'.

15 January 2014
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GEdit Dash Plugin Released

Just a short update to those who helped Seif with Gedit stats earlier this week: his wdashboard overview start page for Gedit is available to download.

3 November 2011
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Seif Needs Your Help To Gather Some Statistics On Gedit

I am working on a dashboard (start page) for Gedit to make it easier for users to see their most commonly used files. We are not sure that for Gedit that "Frequent" is of interest for us, however before we take any decisions we decided to appeal to all gedit users who have been using Zeitgeist for over a month to use run the following script in a terminal via

27 October 2011
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Badschemer .deb for Ubuntu

Further to our post calling for help in creating an Ambiance theme for Gedit in Ubuntu 11.04, developer Shnatsel has packaged Badschemer - a GtkSourceViewer 'style' editor - into a .deb installer for easy-as-pie installation in Ubuntu.

26 February 2011
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Help Ubuntu 11.04 by making an Ambiance theme for Gedit [Updated]

Calling designers and/or those with minute attention to detail: want to play your part in shaping Ubuntu 11.04? Of course you do, and here's how.

25 February 2011
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And the new gedit logo is…

Very “DTP”. Big improvement on their now-depreciated logo however. Designed by Henry Peters. Article originally appeared on

7 April 2010
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Gedit want a new logo

Gedit needs a new logo. Judging by their current one (see below) I’d add the adjective desperately into proceedings. This is somewhat old news, and I’m not sure if the Gedit team are still looking […]

29 March 2010