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Adobe Is Finally Killing Flash (Yes, Really!)

Adobe has finally heard what the world has been screaming at it for years: Flash needs to die. It's even given us the funeral date of 2020.

25 July 2017
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Google Chrome 56 Released, Brings WebGL 2.0 and Flac Support

Google Chrome 56 is rolling out to desktop users, with a number of small new features and security fixes in tow.

26 January 2017
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How To Install Adobe Flash on Ubuntu

Adobe began to offer their Flash Player plugin for Linux a couple of months back, 4 years after abandoning the platform.  In the years since the snub the web’s reliance on and use of Flash technologies has (thankfully) dwindled. But that doesn’t […]

7 November 2016
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Adobe Has Decided To Support Flash Player on Linux Again

Adobe has announced that it plans to start supporting Adobe Flash for Linux — 4 years after it abandoned Flash on Linux.

5 September 2016

How To Watch Hulu on Ubuntu 14.04 and Up

Want to know how to watch Hulu on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up? Well, we're going to show you.

13 September 2015

How to Install Pepper Flash in Ubuntu 14.04

If you've installed Chromium on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but are having trouble getting Flash content to play, this guide is for you.

18 June 2014

Use Chromium on Linux? Adobe Flash Will Stop Working From April

Adobe Flash will no longer work in Chromium on Linux from this April, as NPAPI plugin support is removed from the codebase.

9 January 2014
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Linux YouTube App ‘Minitube’ Updates, Adds Social Features

A new version of flash-free desktop YouTube app ‘Minitube’ has been released. The bulk of the changes concern Mac OS X Lion users (as the app is cross-platform) but there are few goodies that Ubuntu […]

30 October 2011
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Adobe Flash 11 Made Available in Ubuntu

Adobe Flash 64 bit is now directly installable in Ubuntu using the Canonical Partner repo, thus replacing the need for additional 3rd party PPAs to be added.

10 October 2011
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Flash Player 11 Hits Release Candidate

The first release candidate of Adobe's Flash Player 11 has been made available.

7 September 2011
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Faster Adobe Flash 11 Beta 2 Released

A second beta release of Adobe Flash 11 has escaped into the wild.

14 August 2011
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Adobe Flash Player 10.3 beta released

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 beta saw release yesterday/today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone) - but what's new? Quite a bit. Read on for more.

9 March 2011