Adobe Flash 64 bitis now directly installable in Ubuntu using the Canonical Partner repo, replacing the need for additional 3rd party PPAs to be added.

The Canonical partner channel contains applications and utilities from third party software vendors that, for varying reasons, cannot be included in the default set of repositories. Amongst the applications included in the channel areSkype, Adobe Readerand Fluendo MP3 playback.

Adobe Flash Player 11 for Ubuntu

Prior to the recent release of Adobe Flash 11, Ubuntu 64bit users were provided with a 32bit version of Flash in a ‘plugin wrapper’ (in order to allow it to work on 64bit machines). With native 64bit support in Flash 11 this is no longer required, and one of the ‘big drawbacks’ often cited by users cautious about moving to Ubuntu 64bit has now been eased.

Adobe Flash 11 can be installed from the Ubuntu Partner Repository in the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu11.10.

Thanks to Corey


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