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Flash Player 10.2 released with Stage Video hardware acceleration

Abode has released Flash Player 10.2, bringing with it the Stage Video API which promises smooth 1080p playback whilst using up to 85% less CPU than before..

9 February 2011
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Watch embedded Flash videos using Totem

Play embedded flash videos in Firefox with Totem using the 'Flash Video Replacer' add-on.

6 February 2011
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Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta released

Adobe have announced the beta release of Flash player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Flash Player 10.2 beta introduces many new features and improvements including Stage Video, a new API which Adobe says will 'help web sites deliver smooth, beautiful video across devices and browsers by enabling access to hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline.'

1 December 2010
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Use Chrome’s auto-updated Flash in Firefox

Thanks to a partnership between Google and Adobe Google's Chrome browser ships with a built-in version of Flash that is more recent than that available to download individually. Here's how to use it in Firefox.

29 November 2010

Bypass Adobe Flash GPU validation in Linux to improve performance

Boost flash performance by bypassing GPU validation.

19 November 2010
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Install 64bit Flash from a PPA or .deb

With Adobe re-starting their 64bit Flash testing, Linux users are once again able to benefit from native flash on their 64bit desktops. Installing it isn’t a great chore, as we outlined previously, but if you’re […]

19 September 2010
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64bit Flash for Linux returns

Adobe has previously made a testing version of their 64bit plugin available for users however this was discontinued, somewhat abruptly, earlier this year. Well, it's back!

16 September 2010
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Gnash 0.8.8 Released, claims 100% of all YouTube videos now work

The latest version of open-source flash player ‘Gnash’ boasts that ‘100% of all YouTube videos’ should now work using it. Gnash can be run as a standalone application or as a plugin for most popular […]

23 August 2010
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LightSpark Vs Flash: Benchmarked

The team behind open-source Flash alternative LightSpark pushed out a new bug-fix release a few days ago. Seeing as we’re a few releases in, I felt now was a prime time to see just how […]

6 August 2010
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Open Source Flash implementation LightSpark gets second RC, new features

Free and fully Open Source Flash implementation ‘LightSpark’ sees the release of a second release candidate today. Lightspark 0.4.2 sees the following additions and improvements, as listed on the official announcement: – YouTube support for […]

4 July 2010
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Fixing Fullscreen flash in Ubuntu 10.04

If you’re one of the many people who experience issues when watching Flash videos in fullscreen then the following tip by dodo3773 may help you out. “What I did was right click on any flash […]

11 June 2010
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Smokescreen converts flash into HTML5/JavaScript

Alternative solutions for playing Flash content online seems to be all the rage these days. There are many open source projects that aim to provide a free ‘flash’ player, such as Gnash and Lightspark, but […]

3 June 2010