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tusk evernote app main window

Tusk Evernote Client Updated, Is Now Available as a Snap (Updated)

The Tusk Evernote client is now available as a Snap. We spotlighted the unofficial Evernote app last year, finding that it added to and improved on the standard Evernote web app in a number of ways. […]

21 February 2018
Joplin desktop app on ubuntu

Joplin is an Open-Source Evernote Alternative

Joplin is an open-source Evernote alternative with apps for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. There's also a CLI client, and sync support using OneDrive.

29 November 2017
linux handwriting app

‘Write’ is a Fantastic Handwritten Note Taking App for Linux

Write is a free app that lets you make handwritten notes on Linux using a touchscreen and stylus (or a smudgy finger), with features tailored for this use.

13 October 2017
tusk evernote client

Tusk Adds Much Needed Features to Evernote Web App

Tusk is a new unofficial and open-source Evernote app for Linux, Mac and Windows that adds extra features to the Evernote web app.

28 August 2017

Whatever is an Unofficial Evernote App for Linux

Evernote is practically a by-word for being well organised and super productive — and not just in the minds of its 100 million users but among those who, like me, aspire to be. But with no official Evernote Linux app available it’s been left […]

15 February 2017
note taking apps

Remember The Milk Now Has an Official Linux App

Remember The Milk, a popular web-based to-do and task management service, has introduced an official desktop Linux app to its herd of official clients.

18 September 2016
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VLC, LastPass and 8tracks Apps Coming to Ubuntu Touch

VLC is one of several big-name applications planning to launch applications on Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets in the near future.

23 February 2014
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Use Evernote In Ubuntu With Everpad

Use Evernote on your mobile devices? Now you can use it on Ubuntu, too...

16 September 2012
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Ubuntu Evernote Clone ‘NixNote’ Update Adds Minor New Features

Ubuntu Evernote clone 'NixNote' has been updated with a handful of new features. Install instructions and more info can be found inside...

11 October 2011
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Drag & Drop Evernote Uploader for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

Evernote – it’s one of the most widely used note taking/to do applications around, yet it still lacks an official Ubuntu client. We’ve covered Evernote clone ‘Nevernote‘ previously, but if you’re seeking something less full-blown […]

3 October 2011
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NeverNote gives Ubuntu users access to Evernote

What better way to celebrate upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 than to check out NeverNote, an Evernote clone that gives you access to your Evernote notes!

10 October 2010