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Plugin To Let Emesene Use The Ubuntu Messaging Menu [Updated]

Give Emesene the power of Messaging Menu interaction. Kinda. By ‘kinda‘ I do, of course, mean that this plug-in is still in development and as such some things don’t quite work. Namely clicking on an […]

20 February 2010
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Emesene 1.6 Released, What’s New?

Instant Messaging client ‘Emesene‘ slipped a new release out on Monday but what’s new in it? Aside from bug fixes all round – which even the team themselves admit “we’re too lazy to write ’em […]

6 January 2010
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Emesene Gets A New Preferences Window, Adds Easy Install Of Themes

The ‘Preferences’ menu of popular MSN messaging client ‘Emesene’ has received a thorough makeover – and looks much the better for it! Below is a brief over-view of whats changed and whats new. New Style […]

4 December 2009
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Emesene 1.5.1 Released

Emesene 1.5.1 is more of a bug fix release than a feature release, but it still holds some surprises for users. We take a quick peek before it hits the Ubuntu Karmic servers and lands […]

23 October 2009
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Emesene 1.5 – The BEST Messenger for MSN?

Emesene 1.6 has now been released ” find out more @ ——————————————————!#——————– Emesene 1.5 is one of the best instant messengers available for use with the MSN Network thanks to its massive feature set […]

5 October 2009
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Emesene 1.5 Released – Adds MSN Webcam Support

Emesene 1.5 code named “Awesome” has been released. This updated version of the Linux application, for use with the ‘Windows Live Messenger‘ network, sees a host of buxfixes and the usual internal tweaks. Feature wise, […]

20 August 2009
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Try Emesene 2!

Want to try out the pre-alpha of Emesene 2? You’re in luck! The Emesene development team (and what a merry band of wranglers they are, too!) have provided a .deb snapshot of Emesene 2 as […]

5 August 2009