The ‘Preferences’ menu of popular MSN messaging client ‘Emesene’ has received a thorough makeover – and looks much the better for it!

Below is a brief over-view of whats changed and whats new.

New Style
Orientating itself horizontaly over the previous vertical menus, the window plays much nicer with smaller netbook-esque displays.

The left-hand pane is dedicated to sorting each section and is much easier to navigate – and nicer to look at – than the previous ‘tabs on top’ approach of previous versions.

New Features
It is not only a visual shift-around, either. The new menus give the user much more knowledgeable control over Emesene. Take, for example, the  conversation theme menu. Im previous versions it was simply a drop-down list, replying on the user to already know what kind of style GTalk or ICQ looked like. The improved version shows the user a preview of the selected style thus allowing for much more informed decisions.

Easily Install Themes
It is now possible to install new icons themes, emoticon packs etc from Emesene itself. Previously one had to manually unpack archives to various ~/.emesene folders.

What else is new?
Sound is no longer a plugin but part of Emesene’s core. The option to start-up minimised to the tray has been renamed from ‘Iconify Emesene’ to ‘Notificaion Icon Only’.

Currently the new menu is only in the SVN build but if you use the SVN weekly PPA you’ll find the updates coming your way in a few days time!


thanks to mehd36
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