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Emesene 1.5 – The BEST Messenger for MSN?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Emesene 1.6 has now been released ” find out more @


Emesene 1.5 is one of the best instant messengers available for use with the MSN Network thanks to its massive feature set (which includes full webcam support), super stable nature and all-round ease of use.

You may also notice it bears a passing resemblance to the official MSN client.

I’ve blogged about Emesene over and over and then some previously, but this is an up-to-date guide to the best instant messenger for MSN available

If you’re used to Live Messenger/MSN in Windows and want the closest thing to it on Ubuntu ” Emesene 1.5 is for you!


Emesene 1.5 comes with a large set of option plug-ins. These include: –

  • Now Playing Status (supports every major linux player)
  • Window Trembling (Nudge)
  • Inline Spell Checker
  • GMail notifications
  • Tiny URL
  • Auto response
  • Conversation logging
And, like, a bazillion more.

You can enable and configure them from the handy Plugin manager reachable via Options > Plugins
You can customize Emesene further thanks to theme support! Hurrah!

Simply install any downloaded themes in

  • /usr/share/emesene/themes.
Restart Emesene and then select them from
  • Options > Preferences > Theme .


If you don’t like the default Emesene smilies (hey, who does?!) then you can install different sets for your instant-messaging pleasure.

Simply unpack any download smilies into

  • /usr/share/emesene/smilies
and then select them from
  • Options > Preferences > Themes
Message Layouts
You choose between5 default message layouts:

  • GTalk
  • Messenger
  • IRC
  • Default
  • Pidgin

I’m most comfortable using the messenger layout as ex-tenuous timestamps annoy me!

Emesene is pronounced MSN.

Shock! Emesne also supports avatars. The way in which avatars are set and changed is akin to WLM/MSN – you simply click on your avatar to change it! Neat!

Status/Personal Messages

These are positioned in the same place as with the official WLM/MSN. Status at the top and personal underneath it.

If you have the now playing plugin enabled you can click on the musical note next to the personal message field to toggle between showing your currently playing track and your current personal message.

Emesene 1.5 supports webcam sending and receiving between MSN users. Yes, really! Even works on x64 bit, too!

Webcam quality is good, and although you can’t view a contacts webcam inside the chat window, it has it’s own good sized pop-up window which you can position close by.

You can configure your own webcam through the Preferences > Webcam menu.

The options are basic yet all you’ll likely need.

Emesene 1.5 is available in Karmic Koala from the repos. Just search for it in Ubuntu Software Centre or Synaptic. Alternatively just issue the following at the terminal: –
  • sudo apt-get install emesene
Emesene 1.5 is also installable through Ubuntu-Tweak and via the following PPA:
Tested using:
Emesene 1.5 "Awesome"
Ubuntu Karmic Koala Beta x64