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Emesene Not Connecting? Here’s A Quick Fix

The developers of popular third-party MSN client 'emesene' have warned that some users may experience login issues with the stable version of the client. But fear not - there is a temporary fix available that should tide you over until the issue is sorted.

8 November 2011
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Emesene 2.11.5 released: The good, the bad and the buggy

A new release of instant messaging application Emesene 2 was pushed out a few days back and saw the application début the beginnings of a native QT interface.

3 June 2011
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Emesene 2 needs testers

Luis Mariano Guerra of the Emesene development team has issued a call for people to begin testing the successor to popular MSN-based messaging application Emesene.

23 October 2010
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Ambiance style Emesene tray icons

Last week we highlighted some gradiently-gorgeous (no, that is a word now) Ubuntu Radiance style replacement tray icons for everyone’s favourite MSN clone ‘Emesene’. Whilst many readers loved the simplicity behind them the author had stated […]

12 September 2010
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Radiance only Emesene tray icons

I’ve been using Ubuntu’s Radiance theme a lot recently (having pretty much used Ambiance solidly since March this year) and I’m really loving the softness about it. Emesene is my preferred IM client for communicating […]

9 September 2010
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7 days with Emesene 2 Pre-Alpha

Emesene2, the successor to the popular Windows Live Network-based Instant Messaging application ‘Emesene’, recently launched a testing PPA for foolhardy users to install and test the current pre-alpha builds. Emesene2 has been rewritten completely from […]

15 July 2010
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Emesene2 Gets a PPA; test at your own risk

A PPA containing the early progress on Emesne2 has been made available for users wishing to try out the successor to the current Emesene 1.x releases. The developers hope to make Emesene2 that little bit more distinctive […]

25 June 2010
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How To Re-enable The Emesene Indicator Applet

I love indicator applets almost as much as Emesene, so when the latest revisions to the weekly PPA builds of the titular app disabled support for the application indicator I had to find a way […]

30 May 2010
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Emesene adds Indicator Applet support

Instant messengering application Emesene has added indicator applet support for its’ tray icon. This will help Ubuntu 10.04 users and Emesene benefit from a consistent panel experience. Ahhh! The sweet smell of consistency! Article originally […]

14 April 2010
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Emesene 1.6.1 released; still the best msn client for linux

The latest, and likely last, version of MSN messaging ‘clone’ Emesene 1.x has been released. We’ve raved on and on and on and on about Emesene in the past and for good reason. If you’re […]

5 April 2010
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Weather Forecast Plugin For Emesene

Emesene Weather plug-in, perhaps not surprisingly, is a weather forecast plug-in for IM client Emesene. The plug-in inserts a basic weather forecast pane at the very bottom of the contact list window. The forecast displayed […]

9 March 2010
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Emesene Docky Integration Coming Soon

Docky integration with Emesene is just around the corner thanks to the work of the awesome Tom Cowell (who has already given us a plug-in for Emesene Messaging Menu integration) This helper is, as of […]

24 February 2010