There are tonnes of apps for ripping your DVD’s to .avi in Ubuntu – but could they be more user-friendly?

A new project named EZ DVD Ripping thinks so.

Several months back a reader asked if I could do a quick comparison of the various DVD ripping applications available for Ubuntu. Boyant, I dived in to the Software Centre and installed a bunch. Upon running them, my enthusiasm was quickly sapped.

Why? As EZ DVD’s developer David Gross puts it – “Unfortunately I was faced with this.”

I’m not a novice user by any means but many people are and given AcidRip’s (well deserved) reputation as a powerhouse it could well be the first (and final) DVD ripping app a user installs.

Now I’m no DanRabbit but this seems a little…complex. I do understand that there are a lot of settings to be configured but this is essentially using a command line program. So why not automate it? My first thought is that for most people the information presented is both confusing and unnecessary. When looking at it I think, “What is the chase and how do I cut to it?” – Chris Griffin.

Fast forward to now and EZ DVD Ripper aims to simplify the process for those wanting to get from Optical to Portable via EasyVille.

David says he should have ‘something reasonably functional by the start of next week’.

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