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Nautilus Devs Work on a New Way to Integrate Cloud Providers

Work is underway on a new way to integrate cloud storage providers with Nautilus, delivering a more consistent and uniform experience.

13 July 2017

Dropbox User? Change Your Password As Soon As Possible

Account details of 68 million Dropbox accounts has been leaked online. Here's how to check whether you're affected, and how to change your password.

2 September 2016

Dropbox 3 for Linux Goes Stable With New Qt UI, Setup Wizard

Arriving with all the trimmings we showed you back in July, cloud storage service Dropbox 3.0 is now stable for Linux, Windows and Mac.

15 December 2014

Shutter 0.93 Improves Dropbox Support, Fixes Public Links

Improved Dropbox integration is among the many improvements featuring in the latest release of popular screenshot tool Shutter.

18 August 2014

The Native Dropbox Linux Client Debuts New Qt Interface

The latest experimental build of the native Dropbox Linux client has debuted with an all new Qt interface.

20 July 2014

Ubuntu One Formally Enters Shutdown Period

Ubuntu One is now formally in shut-down. You have until July 31 to grab your files or they will be lost forever.

4 June 2014

Four Awesome Free Alternatives to Ubuntu One Cloud Storage

Be honest: news that Canonical is shuttering its Ubuntu One cloud storage service came as a shock, right? But which alternatives are worth pursuing? Let's take a look.

4 April 2014
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Will Google Drive Support Linux?

Word on the winds is that Google will launching their own cloud storage service - called Google Drive - next week. But will it support Linux?

17 April 2012

How to Enable System Tray Applets in Ubuntu 11.04

Can't live without Shutter/Dropbox/Opera/insert-other-app-here sitting in Natty's system panel? Quick fix ahoy.

15 March 2011
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 the Tyler way

Come take a look at how Tyler customizes and fine tunes his Ubuntu install in the way of software, eye-candy, and usability, and try out his Compiz profile!

13 October 2010
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Dropbox icons now respect your global theme (no more manually replacing them!)

Customizers rejoice: the latest experimental build of Dropbox now respects your installed icon set. This means users no longer need to manually replace them with theme-akin replacements. “We have changed the names of our tray icons […]

25 August 2010
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Open source dropbox alternative SparkleShare releases first alpha

The first alpha release of open-source Dropbox competitor SparkleShare has been made available for testing today. SparkleShare is built on mono, GTK+ and requires users to use Git for storage. Don’t have a Git repo? […]

3 August 2010