The first alpha release of open-source Dropbox competitor SparkleShare has been made available for testing today.

SparkleShare is built on mono, GTK+ and requires users to use Git for storage. Don’t have a Git repo?

“…you can create one on Gitorious or GitHub for free and upload your public key there (these are public repositories, so careful with what you put on there)”

Features touted include: –

  • Secure & fast
  • Set up your own servers
  • Designed to make sharing &collaboration easier
  • Built in version control using GIT allows easy roll back of file changes


The developers warn that the alpha “…could crash, destroy your data, computer, eat kittens, and then crash some more.” so casual users (and those prone to nervous breakdowns) aren’t encouraged to use it for anything other than testing purposes.


Download here and install using the traditional method of: –

    • ./
    • make && sudo make install

Refer to the README inside the archive for full dependency requirements and further information on using SparkShare,

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