Bored of drab panels and dull docks? Want something a different, lighter and new to play with?

Try the very capable ADeskBar.


Big things often come in small packages and ADeskBar proves this no-end, packing in enough features and functions to make friends with even the most ardent customizers.

Various styles and effects: –

  • Floaty
  • Edgy
  • 3D
  • Panel

Tweak the look by setting the…:

  • Opacity
  • Bar size
  • Position
  • Roundness
  • Icon spacing & padding
  • zoom strength
  • Background colour , gradient, and border

Icon ‘hover over’ effects: –

  • Zoom
  • Glow
  • Simple
  • None

Hiding options: –

  • Intellihide
  • Auto-hide
  • Always visible

Add launchers and ‘plugins’

  • Drawer – create a ‘stack’ with shortcuts to your favorite apps

ADeskBar Drawer plugin in action

  • Quick Terminal – shows pop-up terminal on press
  • Notification area – displays traditional gnome notification area
  • Session Control – logout, restart or shutdown
  • Places – easy access to bookmarked locations
  • Search box – quickly search Google for something

  • Digital Clock
  • Volume Control
  • Show Desktop
  • Menu (Simple) – styled like a traditional GNOME menu
  • Menu – styled in ADeskBar style with tabs on side (see image below)
  • Window list button
  • Taskview

What it lacks

There are a few draw backs worth keeping in mind before ditching your current set-up in favour of ADeskBar.

Firstly it doesn’t have as many plugins, effects, docklets, addons and whistles as other options – and that’s part of its charm. If you can’t live without ‘on dock’ cover art or panel painting weather forecasts try Docky.

Secondly it doesn’t support Ubuntu’s Indicator-Applets. No messaging menu, no sound menu, no session menu.


ADeskBar is easy to install thanks to it being available in a handy .deb. Download and double-click to install.


After installation a ‘ADeskBar’ entry should appear in the Applications > Accessories menu. If it doesn’t you can run it via ALT+F2 and entering ‘adeskbar’ or by editing the menu and checking the box so it shows.

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