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The 6 Linux Distros We’re Most Excited For in 2017

We list the top Linux distributions to watch in 2017, from Ubuntu-based flavors through to Linux distros created from scratch — these are the ones to watch.

30 December 2016

Distrowatch Rankings Compared: 2006 vs 2016

A redditor has compared Distrowatch popularity rankings from 2006 to 2016 (or, more accurately, the last twelve months).  And it makes for an interesting comparison, touching on some general trends in Linux, though is, I guess, apropos of nothing. […]

27 November 2016
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Stats Show Ubuntu Not Losing Ground to Linux Mint

Like the obtuse heading to an expectant essay paper, the following reader question/proclamation graced the claustrophobic confines of my overly-full inbox a few days back: – “Given distrowatch’s latest download figures, shouldn’t this site change […]

10 February 2012

Dare To Be Different: Ubuntu’s Popularity Is Not Declining

Like a domino effect of mis-information, this week has been chock full of reports by tech news sites that Ubuntu's market share is declining, being surpassed by the Ubuntu spin-off and close cousin Linux Mint. But is there really any truth to the revelations? Read on to find out, but to save you a bit of time: no, there isn't.

27 November 2011