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How To Install The Latest Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

The latest version of the Ubuntu Unity interface has been released, and is available to install from the Ubuntu Desktop Team's Unity PPA.

17 June 2011
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GNOME Menu style Unity Dash project revived, adds PPA

Sergey “Shnatsel” Davidoff has revived his ‘old school gnome-menu-like Dash’ for Ubuntu. The project, which we first wrote about back in March of this year, replaces the stock Unity Dash with a traditional 'GNOME Menu' style layout based on categories.

10 June 2011
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How you will access applications in Unity – Meet Applications Place

In a discussion on the Ayatana mailing list about implementing a simpler-way to view and install applications, Ubuntu UX member David Siegel shared a frustratingly tantalising tid-bit: – “This looks very similar to the Applications […]

17 June 2010
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Meet Dash – DanRabbit’s awesome new project: an entirely new file browser!

Sick and tired of seeing awesome Nautilus mock-ups that you know won’t ever get made? Well so was one of the best designers FOSS has (and perennial OMG! fave) DanRabbit. So much so that instead […]

30 March 2010