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Maui Shell is a Beautiful Vision for the Future of Linux

The Maui Project recently shared designs for a new convergent Linux shell that will work across mobile devices and regular desktops — and it really fires the imagination. Now, “convergent” Linux UIs aren’t new. Ubuntu […]

27 December 2021
pinephone postmarketOS community edition

New PinePhone with 3GB RAM and USB Dock Goes on Sale

The PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition is now available to order direct from Pine64 priced at $149 — but I don’t think you should buy it. Hear me out, hear me out — there is a […]

15 July 2020
nexdock with phone mount

NexDock Touch Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Touchscreen Laptop

Dream of turning your Android phone or Raspberry Pi into a fully-fledged laptop? Well, with the all-new NexDock Touch you can! Like the original NexDock the new model is a 14.1-inch laptop shell, complete with […]

4 June 2020
nexdock with Samsung device

NexDock 2 Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Laptop

The NexDock 2 has hit Kickstarter. The goal? To deliver a 13.1-inch laptop shell, NexDock lets you use your Android smartphone or Raspberry Pi as a laptop.

21 March 2019
samsung DeX showing galaxy on linux desktop

See ‘Full Linux’ Running on a Samsung Galaxy Phone [Video]

If you've been itching to learn more about the Samsung 'Linux on Galaxy' project you need to watch this video, in which Samsung demos the tech to Android developers.

27 February 2018
samsung dex linux galaxy

Samsung Is Bringing Desktop Linux To Its Smartphones

Samsung is bringing desktop Linux to its smartphones. The 'Linux on Galaxy' project will let users "run Linux-based distributions on mobile devices".

20 October 2017
dock station for ubuntu phones

‘Station Dock’ To Help Drive Convergence on Ubuntu

You're looking at a proposed new 3D dock that, its creator hopes, will help bring the dream of Ubuntu convergence to more people.

22 November 2016

Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch Convergence Video

Earlier this week we saw Canonical demo wireless display on the Bq M10 tablet — but it's not the only device capable of cable-free convergence.

20 July 2016

Your Complete Guide to Ubuntu Touch OTA-11

Ubuntu OTA-11 is the latest update to Ubuntu on phones and tablets, and it brings some BIG new features. We recap everything you need to know.

1 June 2016

Canonical Has ‘No Plans’ To Support Convergence on Meizu MX4

Hoping to use your Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone as a convergence device via wireless display technologies? I've some bad news…

12 April 2016

Microsoft Wants To Patent Convergence Style Technology

Canonical is not the only software company who is interested in the idea of using a single mobile device to power additional computing experiences.  Microsoft — boo, hiss, etc — has long pursued the idea, starting with Windows XP […]

7 March 2016
convergence 1.0

Watch LibreOffice Running on an Ubuntu Phone (Video)

The ability to run traditional desktop applications on the Ubuntu phone & tablet has a lot of you (quite rightly) excited. Carrying the powerful LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and The GIMP  in your pocket is a big draw. An Ubuntu phone, […]

25 February 2016