Dream of turning your Android phone or Raspberry Pi into a fully-fledged laptop? Well, with the all-new NexDock Touch you can!

Like the original NexDock the new model is a 14.1-inch laptop shell, complete with keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen, but no computer inside.

Nope, none:

nexdock touch with phone

The idea is that you connect an Android phone or tablet (ideally one with Android ‘desktop mode’ functionality available) or attach a single-board computer (like the Raspberry Pi 4 or HardROCK64). It’s the peripheral that acts as the “brain” in the set-up, while the NexDock functions as the rest of the laptop.

Although it is not often publicised you can use the NexDock as a second monitor for an existing Linux laptop, Chromebook, or Apple MacBook. I won’t pretend that having a 14-inch laptop sat next to an existing laptop is an efficient way to work, but in a pinch it might just be handy all the same.

Design and specs wise the NexDock Touch is effectively an upgraded version of NexDock 2 sold last year. It has the same overall dimensions, a similar weight, same materials, and the exact same crop of ports.

Where it differs is:

  • 14-inch touch display (1920×1080)
  • Narrow bezels
  • Large 60Wh battery
  • Better speakers
  • Bigger touchpad

One feature did get lost in the transition to touchscreen: the webcam. The NexDock Touch does not have a built-in webcam. Personally? I’d say a lack of a webcam is a pro not a con.

You can learn more about the NexDock Touch (and pre-order a unit) over on the official product page.

To score the early-bird pricing of $249 ($319 is the MSRP) you’ll need to slap down a $100 payment right away, with the rest paid prior to shipping. Which is when? Well, the company says it plans to ship pre-orders by 31 August 2020 so it’s not to far off!

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