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New Video Demos Ubuntu Convergence on Tablet, Phone

A new video shows how far Canonical has come with the idea of convergence, both at the software level and on working hardware.

27 February 2015

Is Windows 9 Planned Convergence Feature Similar to Ubuntu?

New rumours suggest that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 9 release will adapt its user interface to suit the type of hardware it's running on.

4 July 2014

Watch This Ubuntu Touch App Run Across Phone, Tablet and Desktop

The buzz word resonating throughout the mobile industry right now is 'convergence' – and Canonical are leading the charge to make it a consumer reality.

12 February 2014

Ubuntu Tablet Unveiled By Canonical

Confirming the expected, Canonical have unveiled a new 'tablet' face for Ubuntu as part of their focus on convergence across devices.

19 February 2013